The Ruthless Hippies of Leucadia are dedicated to forging new frontiers in live performances of all varieties. They are motivated by fun, art for art’s sake, community, and the possibility of a cleaner world. Through the mediums of poetry and music and this blog the Ruthless Hippies will help cultivate community awareness and involvement in local events, small business, and environmental care.  We strive to promote the vibrant cultural community of San Diego County.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Great Ruckus tonight! Thanks for these events, and supporting face-to-face, sharing-the-same-airspace, non-electronic (no offense to blog or Facebook, etc.) high-energy, kickass times. See you on April 4…

  2. Wanted to let Ruthless Hippies know that Art Pulse (local arts service org) will be launching a new cultural website soon, called SNORKL (late spring) that will comprehensively cover the arts in San Diego Region. Would love for Ruthless Hippies to list events on this new site and perhaps I can meet with someone from RH to fill you in a bit more about the platform we will be using. Just let me know thanks!
    Drew Cady, Art Pulse drew@artpulse.org
    (858) 735-8358

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