Bro, the Bro-Am is Bro-ing Down this Weekend, Let’s Bro There, Bro

[prepping the bro-am stage today at Moonlight Beach]

The annual Switchfoot Bro-Am takes on Moonlight Beach tomorrow 6/16/12. You’ve probably already read stuff about how world famous local band Switchfoot puts this on every year and it benefits ‘Stand Up for Kids’ which is an awesome organization fighting the good fight against youth homelessness. You probably already know that it’s free and takes place all day tomorrow at Moonlight Beach. You probably already know it’s a huge music festival and surfing contest all rolled into one. You might even know that Rob Machado will be surfing and one of the sickest local bands in town, Dead Feather Moon will be headlining the concert (don’t ask me when I couldn’t find a schedule on their website).

So here’s a list of things you might not know about the Bro-Am;

-According to my best recollection of a conversation I had once with former Encinitas Mayor Dan Dalager, this event started as a house party/surf contest/skate contest that Dan’s son and friends used to put on at their pad. It made the transition to a community festival after getting so big that the neighbors complained and had the cops shut it down one year.

-The Bro Am has really steezy porta johns this year

-Yours truly will be keeping water and beach safe with the rest of that top notch Encinitas Lifeguard Crew during tomororows events.

See you at the Bro Am, Bro.

Dig the Dead Feather Bros:

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