Warriot Poet Duncan McFetridge to Guest @ the Ruckus

We’ve got another Poetry Ruckus coming up this Wednesday 7/25 @ Ducky Waddle’s (414 N Coast Hwy 101). Doors at 7 PM, poetry by 7:30.

Please RSVP to read by e-mailing ruthlesshippies@gmail.com

Jerry Waddle found our guest poet for the evening and this is what he sent me. Read on…

Duncan McFetridge is director of SOFAR and is known as an eco-poet. He will be reciting classic poetry.


People may be familiar with the term Warrior-Poet – an ancient tradition of dedication to developing the body and the mind as one. It has been said that the Warrior-Poet balances the cruel realities of the earth, while living by the standards of the heavens. In these terms, Duncan is San Diego’s “(eco) warrior-poet” in a never-ending battle against those who would destroy our natural heritage and way of life to turn a quick buck.

A renaissance man well versed in the classics of Greece and Rome, a philosopher and theologian, an ascetic… above all, the most dedicated and generous warrior San Diego’s Backcountry has ever known. One of a kind, not likely to replicated any time soon. And we owe him dearly…

We’re pumped for this one!!!

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