Weird Wednesday…Surf Movie Premiere

Seaweed and Gravel (1144 N. Hwy 101, Leucadia, Ca. 92024) is one of Leucadia’s newest independent retail stores that specializes in surfboards, motorcycles, vintage clothing, art and bonsai trees. Shop owner David Patri loves to get weird, so he’s inviting you TONIGHT to a night of BBQ, beers, music and of course, weirdness. 5PM-?

Thursday night at 4PM, the Seaweed is hosting a motorcycle ride.

And Saturday at 2PM there will be a FREE seminar on planting and caring for bonsai trees (for purchase if you so desire).

Sepia tones optional.



Playing TONIGHT @ la Paloma Theater…a Taylor Steele surf movie premiere!


Sipping Jetstreams Media presents This Time Tomorrow, a film by Taylor Steele, documenting an epic Pacific swell chase over 8 days and 18,000 miles traveled.   Two surfers, Dave Rastovich and Craig Anderson, tracked waves generated from this single storm in an exhausting attempt to surf the same wave twice as they pulsed eastward through the Pacific.  As these waves thundered across the legendary reef of Teahupo’o, reeled down the endless point breaks of Mexico and onwards towards a frosty Arctic conclusion the pair gathered friends Kelly Slater, Chris Del Moro, Alex Grey, and Dan Malloy for this cinematic and cosmic experience of a lifetime.

$9 adults

$7 kiddies and seniors

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