‘Fitz’ Headlines el Ruckus de Poetry 1/30/13

fitz dia

We were stoked when Aaron Michael Fitzpatrick agreed to be our Poetry Ruckus guest for January 30th at Ducky Waddle’s Emporium (414 N Coast Hwy 101). We asked him for some blurb info about himself and it came back in Spanish:

El tiene dos tatuajes en sus brazos. Una piñata, y una cigüena, por favor no preguntas los razones porque. El habla mucho y nosotros creemos que el esta un afiliado de los Glassless Minds in Oceanside, y posiblemente también con el Partido Socialista. Tú debes tener precaucion porque el está armado pero el no esta peligroso.

Don’t believe it folks, he’s dangerous on stage. Friends call him Fitz and he’s packing a style full of intensity, humanity and lyrical grace. Fitz also plays in a band called Walter Melon.

Come listen and read with Fitz for FREE on January 30th at the Duck! As always, doors open at 7 PM, we start once there’s enough poets and our guest reader goes on at 9 PM. Please send an RSVP e-mail to ruthlesshippies@gmail.com if you would like to read.

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