2/28 Raen Presents: Secret Sound Under Ground Premiere at La Paloma


We here at Ruthless Hippies love surf film premieres. We’re talking hoots n’ yewwws for long barrels, tallboys with your popcorn, rude shouts during boring scenes, sittin’ there next to the pro’s, the director and their flock of groupies, fun lovin’, “after party at Saloon!” surf movie premieres.

The La Paloma Theater (471 S Coast Hwy 101) is a historic landmark in Encinitas which has been premiering all kinds of surf films since surf films first became ‘a thing’. And for the real history buff, check out the La Paloma’s history page to find more fun facts. Like, did you know the La Paloma was one of the first theaters to show ‘talkie’s’ or films featuring spoken audio?

We digress… this film features a long list of sick and stylish surfers from Socal including ‘Mob Rachado’ and Alex Knost. This cool lil teaser features OC shredder Ford Archbold discovering the Tao of the bonzer at Gary Hanel’s shaping shack, in the ‘deepest darkest Leucadia’…

As you can see, Jack Coleman’s super 8 films are trippy and fun, but not for the epileptic.

This movie is sponsored by local makers of super groovy shades, Raen. So get your butt out there and enjoy it!

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