Rock and Roll @ Saloon tonight (3/13) with Ditches and Mrs. Magician


[Ditches pictured above @ Casbah’s Atari Lounge, opening up for the Growlers back in December 2012]

Just about every Wednesday night, the Daley Double Saloon (546 S. Coast Hwy 101) has live music. Since it’s ‘the Saloon’, they don’t announce it with posters or on their websites or nothin’. Especially not when it’s really good music. Recent shows have included Ray Barbee jamming with Adrian Demain and a DJ set from members of Foster the People. But luckily, Ruthless Hippies are here to blow the cover on a sweet show @ Saloon tonight for all 35 people who read our blog (we love and treasure all 35 of you): Mrs. Magician and Ditches.

Mrs. Magician is a fairly new San Diego punk band on Swami Records that’s been blowing up quickly as of late. Who knows? This may be the last time you get to see them in a small San Diego club. They’re hooks are damn catchy and they’re lyrics range from blunt to slyly satirical. We feel like the curia should be jamming to this one as they elect a new pope…

Also, get there by 9 PM to check out Ditches, a sick ass crew of Leucadia loc’s making some quality rock tunes. Here’s a fun instrumental jam they did for recently…

No Cover, bring your mother.

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