Ruckus with Clifton King & a FUNKY FREE library concert at noon

Clifton_King.113110117_stdWednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday!!!  Wedmesday 4/24 At Ducky Waddle’s Emporium (414 N Coast Hwy 101) doors will open at 7 PM for April’s Poetry Ruckus. Cliff King is a long time Ruckus poet and founder of his own group, the Sunset Poets up in Oceanside. Cliff has the wise voice of a thoughtful man who grew up in the 50”s and 60’s. So whether your you have real or vicarious nostalgia (that would be the Ruthless Hippies) for that era, you will enjoy Cliff’s poems. Please RSVP a reading spot by emailing It’s filling up fast!

And if you’re off during the day or get a good lunch break, head over to the Encinitas Library (540 Cornish) at noon for a funky concert by Shadynasty (pronounced ‘shah-dynasty). This eclectic trio features Dillon Casey on guitar, Tim Mcnalley on bass and Kirk Portuguez on drums. These three also play with In Motion  Trio, a band that one 2011’s SD Music Award for best jazz group.

C’mon out people, it’s all FREE!!!


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