Ali Arsanjani: Rumi Scholar and Translator to Rock the Ruckus 5/21


We have a really exciting guest for our next poetry Ruckus on Wednesday May 21st from 7-9:30PM @ Ducky Waddle’s (414 N Coast Hwy 101). No, that’s not our guest pictured above. That is Rumi, beloved Persian Sufi poet who’s poems from over 700 years ago still resonate today with readers worldwide. Our guest, Ali Arsanjani, has translated Rumi from the Persian and will provide a program of poetry and comment based on his translations.

Ali has a book called Rumi’s Guide for Lovers and Spiritual Seekers and you can check out some of his translations over at

If you’re familiar with Rumi, we’re sure you’re already interested. But for the uninitiated, it might help to do some background research on Rumi and Sufism–the branch of Islam that Rumi practiced.

Come on out to the Duck on Wednesday the 21st to share your poems and learn more about one of the greatest poets in history!

Doors 7 PM, open poetry starts 7:30PM (see MC Michael to read), guest @ 9PM.

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