Jon Wesick Returns to the Ruckus! 8/27

Jon Wesick is our guest for the upcoming Poetry Ruckus @ the Duck next Wednesday 8/27!!! Jon’s poetry has a rare balance of passion, beauty, intensity, hilarity, absurdity and reality. His delivery is powerful and commands attention. You will not want to miss his 3rd feature at the Poetry Ruckus

John is also a student of Zen Buddhism and the martial arts who has a PHD in physics, runs his own poetry event (Gelato Poetry every 2nd Friday at Korky’s Ice Cream in Old Town) and edits for the San Diego Poetry Annual.

Come out and read or just listen with one of San Diego’s finest poetry talents. Doors at 7PM, open poetry by 7:30 (see MC Michael before hand) and guest poet at 9 PM.

We are really stoked to have Jon at the Ruckus again and we’re pumped to see YOU there!

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