The Eco Warden’s Garage Sale (264 Jefferson Street in Carlsbad)

Ruthless Live Journalism:

Today I had the distinct pleasure of getting lost and  accidentally finding an awesome garage sale in Carlsbad. It’s actually a moving sale to help raise money for Dan (aka Eco Warden) who is in need of a new north county rental with 3-4 bedrooms for himself, his chick and his 5 year old kid who has autism. He’s been having trouble finding a place that is ‘hillbilly friendly’, so please contact Dan or the  ruthless blog if you know of a place that might be right for him and his clan.

Now on to what treasures you might find at this sale still going on tomorrow (Sunday 2/19)…

The Encinitas Surfboards shape on the left can be easily set up as a quad or single fin. The flame thrower is a Greg Nelson hand shape.

Two more rare Greg Nelson surf design boards still available (left: tri fin with crazy channels, right: custom old school twin fish). Greg was a shaper for Dog Town in the 80’s and also Swami’s underground.

All boards need a little love and some fins, but are priced to sell…

…except for these two Nelson Surf Designs which yours truly snagged for $80 and a barter. Getting them fixed up over at Surfy Surfy as we speak!

Dan is parting with more than just surf boards though…

…all kinds ‘a funky stuff like records…

…old skool baseball caps…

…vintage parasols…

…typewriters from the 1930’s…

…even stacks of old Ebony magazines!!!

Head to 264 Jefferson Street in Carlsad tomorrow for a garage sale adventure!

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