Ruthless Blog Launch Party at Surfy Surfy and more

March 2nd will be this blog’s ‘official launch party. The party will be a FREE electronic music night @ Surfy Surfy featuring:

Boaz (dig his sweet sounds by clicking here)
Off Hand Music

There will be digital and vinyl turntablism. We’ll be serving up fresh beats, good vibes, cold ones and ruthless hippies shwag. We checked and there’s nothing better to do that night, so we’ll see you there!


Coming up even sooner we have:

2/20 Monday – ‘Word’ poetry open mic @ E-Street cafe with Dylan Barmmer 6-8PM

2/22 Wednesday – ‘Big Wednesday’ celebrate Schmitty’s Birthday @ Bar Leucadian with the Blank Tapes and Trouble in the Wind

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2 thoughts on “Ruthless Blog Launch Party at Surfy Surfy and more

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