Why tell your friends about Ruthless Hippies? Because they are your friends.

One of our writers often jokes of an old radio ad from his favorite radio station, the old 95.7 The Drive.  He says the station played all the classics that you don’t hear on Pandora or greatest hits mixes, and thus only lasted 4 years.  But he also says it was the greatest 4 years of radio in his life and he has never returned to the airwaves…anyway, he remembers a great commercial which went something like, “Why tell your friends about 95.7 The Drive?  Because they’re your friends.”

And to be honest, we think this funny little tale applies to us…except the limited to 4 years part.

If you have had the pleasure of cruising through one of our recent Leucadian nights, you would agree.  Perhaps it was the last Poetry Ruckus that featured the great Professor Sharon Elise tearing our hearts with her words.  Maybe you spent a Big Wednesday at the Bar Leucadian dancing till your hips hurt.  Or, just maybe you were at our Blog Launch Party at Surfy Surfy, where Boaz jived the new slide and some friend brought the keg that kept the night loose. Well, then you know that it is free and it is fun…and we are not slowing down and we are not leaving.

So, we think you should do right by your friends, and bring them to this blog and to our events.  It might take the whole effort of staying up an hour later than planned.  But, it could also be as simple as reading them our mission statement, which we took the time to copy below.  Enjoy.

The Ruthless Hippies of Leucadia are dedicated to forging new frontiers in live performances of all varieties. They are motivated by fun, art for art’s sake, community, and the possibility of a cleaner world. Through the mediums of poetry and music and this blog the Ruthless Hippies will help cultivate community awareness and involvement in local events, small business, and environmental care.  We strive to promote the vibrant cultural community of San Diego County.

Sharon Elise, a master with words.

Get Ruthless

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