Next Poetry Ruckus, plus ghosts of Ruckus past

If you have ever been to a Ruthless Hippies’ Poetry Ruckus you have been to a night of fun poetry and pure expression.  The poets are a mixed bag of local writers, mixed in the senses of age, publication, and language.  Yes, that’s right.  Come to a ruckus and you will see high school through to grandparents, listen to Spanish and French and English, laugh at funny costumes, and sit transfixed to poems you wish were on paper in your hands.

Here are some pictures from a Ruckus past, a mixed bag of poets and a great night…they happen every third Wednesday of the month, which means this forthcoming Wednesday February 29th 7:15 PM @ Ducky Waddle’s Emporium (414 n Coast Hwy 101) there will be another.

Hurd, from our friends at Glassless Minds

Edie Paul, a poet who hadn’t read in ages

Jim Babwe, a published laureate and past feature poet

Dylan Barmmer…local poetic goofus

Robbie, poet of meaning

The next featured poet, Sharon Elise, is a Professor of Sociology at CSU San Marcos.  A certain member of our Ruckus community, in fact, the writer of this very post, remembers Professor Elise from a certain UCSD Walkout in 2007.  At the walkout Ms. Elise used her incredible understanding of the ethnic landscaping of the public education system to aid the student led protest in support of the Lumumba-Zapata Alliance, video of this effort can be found here.  We are silly excited to hear some original poetry from Ms. Elise this Wednesday, so join us!

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