Ruckus Retrospective, plus a cool reminder.

We here at Ruthless Hippies have grown from a few small and meaningful poetic ruckuses in some small apartments, to rather bitchin and meaningful Poetry Ruckuses at Ducky Waddles (and some other stuff).  The point being not that we are cooler than we used to be (that much is obvious), but rather that the people at these ruckuses are cooler than us, they read great poetry, and we are just honored to be a part of it.

We just had one of those beautiful evenings this last Wednesday and thought we would share some pictures and comments.  But as we write this, we realize words don’t do justice.  So we will use some pictures by Jimbabwe as the medium…

some beautiful poetry without the paper

a common theme to the evening was poetry from women (and about), hint to all those woman poets…come out and read!

Derek went crazy and the crowd went crazy for him

the man who writes many posts for this blog, reading Allen Ginsberg for the crowd

with him, words matter, and with him, words are almost meaningless

The night closed out with some incredible poetry by the band members of the Crocodiles, which made for an epic ending.

And now, for a little info on what is ahead.

This forthcoming Wednesday the 18th the Mattson 2 will be playing a FREE live show at NOON at the Encinitas Library


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