Poetry Ruckus 9/19 featuring Gabrilela Anaya Valdepeña: An Alchemist With A Word

Ruckus fans rejoice, we’ve got our next outing at Ducky Waddle’s Emporium (414 N Coast Hwy 101) scheduled for next Wednesday 9/19, and we’ve got another great new guest poet, Gabrilela Anaya Valdepeña.

Gabriela is a poet, photographer and dancer who was born in Mexico City, but now resides in San Diego.

She has 7 poetic works published, all with intriguing titles: An Impractical Guide To Marriage, Ridiculous Liasons, The Book Of Whispers, Roses Of Crimson Fire, Twenty Poems Against Love And A Song For The Air (written with former Ruckus guest Chris Vannoy), Welcome, Eavesdropper and Exxaggerated Gender Signals.

And the last lines of her Artist Statement are just about the coolest things we’ve read all year: ‘I am not a diary; I’m an alchemist with a word. I am not a photographer; I am a liar with a camera. I do not wish to capture a moment, but an eternity.’

To give you more of an idea about what’s in store, we would highly suggest checking out Gabriela’s website: LiarWithaCamera.com.

Doors at 7PM, local poets on at 7:30 and guest to read by 9 PM. FREE of cover as always, but please remember to support our guest and host venue by purchasing books and art. Please RSVP if you would like to read: ruthlesshipppies@gmail.com.


More fun stuff we know of:

Catch Word: open mic for poetry on 9/17–the 3rd Monday of this month–from7-9 PM @ E-Street Cafe.

Mattson 2 @ El Dordo Cocktail Lounge (1130 Broadway San Diego) tonight 9/11 FREE

Please help our last Ruckus Guest, Stacy Dyson, raise money to reach her kickstarter goal (clicky clicky) to help distribute her new poetry CD (Love Me), San Diego Style. Stacy gave an outstanding performance and even baked the audience cookies. Doesn’t get classier than that. Help her out!

All for now.

Peace and Love,

R. Hippies

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