Bikes, Boards and Beards

A big congratulations to Lisa Shaffer, Tony Kranz and Mark Muir who were all elected to represent the people of Encinitas on City Council. We appreciated the chance to do interviews with all three of you and we look forward to seeing you serve.

There was a funny moment at Leucadia’s City Council Candidate Forum where a citizen asked why Encinitas couldn’t have a movie theater? Lisa Shaffer was the first one to point out that Encinitas does still have a movie theater, La Paloma.

And if you don’t pay attention to what’s showing at La Paloma, you’re bound to miss something sweet. Yesterday our featured event was at La Paloma, tonight’s’ is there too and Monday we were totally bummed to have missed this…

But tonight’s a new night, and there’s a new movie playing that seems to be about west coast dudes riding and fixing vintage and custom bikes.

We’re hoping 6 Over might help explain a subculture we feel simultaneously surrounded and confounded by.

We saw on the marquee that it’s a fund raiser for Sandy relief efforts  and there will be short films fom playing as well. Sounds rad. Shows at 7 and 9.

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