Jimbabwe & Friends Invade the Ruckus this Wednesday

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So we’ve got another Poetry Ruckus coming up this Wednesday (September 18th) @ Ducky Waddle’s (414 N Coast hwy 101) 7:30 PM.  And the man so nice they named him thrice–Jimbabwe, Jimbabwe, Jimbabwe– will be the guest poet. Not to be outdone by Madeleine Nee and Dana Allison’s dynamic duo performance from last month, Jimbabwe is bringing an entire troupe of poets to perform with him.  Doors are at 7 PM and open poetry kicks off at 7:30 (see the emcee to reserve a reading spot). Then at 9 PM we’ll experience Jimbabwe’s presentation of the Return of the Rancho Pantalones Trailer Park Poets. It’s gonna involve some serious audience participation. Read on for what Mr. Jim D Babwe has to say about this special performance…

ENCINITAS, CA: Fiction and non-fiction and poetry collide at 7:30 PM on Wednesday, September 18 at Ducky Waddle’s Emporium as the Rancho Pantalones Trailer Park Poets return to North County for a unique live spoken word performance.

Hosted by local legend (in his own mind) Jim Babwe, previous performances of the group have left audiences harmlessly confused and partially stunned about what it all means.

According to Arthur K. Adzee, one of the most prolific fictional Rancho Pantalones writers, “We don’t think we have something to say, we know we do. Despite the general consensus that we are fictional characters in a contrived live performance, we ignore the irrelevant, extraneous details to exercise our First Amendment Rights anytime we feel the notion to do so. The only way you can possibly be disappointed is if you arrive with expectations.”

Alice K. Adzee, PhD. (Arthur’s wife) is the internationally renowned head of The New University of San Onofre’s Graduate School of Extemporaneous Physiognomy and author of the cutting edge book, Perceptions of Imagined Non-Fiction and The Value of Creative Fictional Memory. Her poetic works have been described in academic circles as “works that transport audiences past the mundane boundaries of literature and into the realm of undefined territory with no current charts.”

Admission to the performance is free, but please be advised—seating is limited.

In addition to the Adzee pair, the following familiars are also scheduled to appear: Adam Dos Casas, Moses Helms, Mary Louise Mallet, Rodney B. Scow SLF, Lorraine Hughes-Belkman, Earl Edwards, Iris McCutcheon, and Elena Marina Tzedrisznyk. This preliminary list alone promises to provide a prodigious line-up of outspoken champions of the spoken word.

Sponsored by Ruthless Hippies, 101 Artists Colony, and Full Moon Poets, marks the group’s third performance and the first since Summer 2010. This upcoming date also includes the return of the remarkable Rodney B. Scow, Significant Literary Figure. Always controversial and outspoken, Scow has weathered serious personal challenges and is sure to deliver another unforgettable, unabashed avalanche of unfettered self-righteous bombast.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see The Rancho Pantalones Trailer Park Poets.

ruthlesshippies.org fullmoonpoets.org 101artistscolony.com duckywaddles.com

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