Uncle Duke’s under new ownership

Boy, 2012 has been a rough year for north county dive bars. Just this spring we’ve seen Mccaffrey’s Pub in Solana Beach and Yogi’s in Cardiff shut down with plans to open under new ownership. Bar Leucadian, once a hub for live music, has mysteriously stopped all entertainment and begun shutting down early.

And now, according to a Diana Street resident, this change of ownership sign was posted yesterday at Uncle Duke’s:

According to Carl, the bar’s current owner and manager, the whole escrow process with the ABC involved  is ‘back-assward’.  The new owners (Luckies LLC) have to go through a 90 day period of background checks, paperwork, signing away their first borns and things like that before they actually take the reins. So the derelicts of Diana Street can look forward to at least 89 more days of  North County’s most crap-tastic dive bar, Uncle Duke’s.

And as for Carl, he’s getting the hell out of dodge, with plans to start a new business in a tropical locale.

[photo removed per request, it’s appearance courtesy of NorthJerzy Bob, of course]

This has been on the scene reporting by Ruthless Hippies.

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16 thoughts on “Uncle Duke’s under new ownership

  1. THANK GOD!!!! (and I’m an Atheist!). Local dive bars are for LOCALS. Not a private club for the amusement of the owner. Kicking every local out of your bar for BS reasons is not a sound way to run a business. One word: Jackwagon!

  2. Veronica Flores on said:

    Ha ha! At least its going to be something new and hopefully a positive change for local Leucadians!

  3. Comment taken down by Ruthless Hippies Robot. We are new to this whole web moderating thing. Was wanting to go with freedom of speech / expression but anonymous vile is good for nobody. Might have to take comments down for a while. Thanks for understanding. Be nice everyone.

  4. Sally on said:

    So sad. Favorite place to hang out. As for Leucadia Bob…dude aren’t you like from like New York or something?? Not really a LOCAL..Carl’s only an asshole to those that deserve it. From your comments it sounds like you pretty much deserved it. Good luck with your new adventures Carl, and congrats to the new owners!

  5. Sir KK on said:

    Yo “Offgrid Joshua Tree”, Your comment COULD NOT be more from the Truth of My Feelings about Carl as well!!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  6. Mary Ann on said:

    Wow…Really “Leucadia Bob” I was here the night you were thrown out, doesn’t surprise me you’ve been here a couple of years and all of a sudden think you’re a local. Why don’t you hop a plane and go back East you Kook. See what they do there when you make an ass of our yourself. Jackwagon?? Nice to see a Jackass thinking he’s a pot calling the kettle black. The owner has a right to protect his patrons, livelyhood and liquor license from blacked out drunks like you. So mature of you all to happily slander a local business man on the internet. Carl may throw people out, but from my experience it’s for a good reason. Duke’s was a drug ridden crack house before he took over and it’s nice to see someone trying to take a stand. Nice job guys too on the hoping someone’s plane crashes. Good Kharma for you. Think about that next time you board a plane, I’m not even going to go there. You will be missed Carl, and I hope you never have to read the shit show that’s going on here…Really sucks assholes like this live in the neighborhood…

    • My plane comment was by no means hateful, it was a joke. And people should lighten up, or you should rename this blog “uptight hippies”. Most locals including “NorthJerzy Bob” have had issues at Pukes, Sober or Drunk. The one thing that was always predictable at Pukes was the moment Carl walked in a dark cloud followed. And the asshole’s that live in our neighborhood have spoke louder with our wallets then our keyboards, therefore exit Carl.

      • @offgridjoshuatree

        Selective censorship is the means of the sovereign ruthless dictator robots of this web kingdom.

        Anonymous death wishes are hereby deemed uptight, cowardly and inappropriate for posting on the ruthless blog.

        You have made some valid points about people speaking with their wallets. We hope you make funnier jokes in the future.

        -ruthless schmittybot

    • Hey Mary Ann – you tell me what a “Local” is. Who are you to judge? I spent plenty of cash in that bar. It is locally located where I live – this makes me a LOCAL. Get your facts straight and use the word Kook where it is applicable (in this case I think it’s synonymous with Carl). And who the F are you anyways? You were never there when I got Kicked out because I never got kicked out.

  7. Mary Ann on said:

    Hahaha, sorry your comment was removed offgrid. NorthJerzybob, needs to check himself before he wrecks himself…perhaps he should figure it out. The Leu lost it’s cabaret license due to the wonderful people that live in the neighborhood complaining about noise. Carl has every right to try and protect his license from the neighborhood as well. Encinitas City Council is trying to block all bars on the 101 from staying open past 12:00. With the help of the “friendly neighborhood” all of us will soon have no place to go. Hope you all save some money drinking at home and not at the bar when we become a dry city. Has nothing to do with Carl, consider your “keyboards” when you are playing at home…Just sayin…Research your bitch before you post. It doesn’t take one supposed asshole bar owner to ruin a village…It takes the village to ruin it for the rest of us. Follow your dream lamb, or you sheep. Cheers for now…Welcome to 1984 (Orson Welles for those of you who can’t understand)…Respect what you have or it will not be there tomorrow.

  8. All bars on the 101? even downtown Enci? Maybe the bar owners should get together. And fight together. None of this was a problem before all the developers started “yuppifying” our 1 horse town. As far as the Leu goes, from what I have heard they had multiple warnings from the city and chose to disregard them. I am a long time fan of the watering holes of 92024 but, most of the great bars have been ruined by both owners and clients. There is still a bunch of great places here, I just wont mention them so they truly stay Local.

  9. Listen – the name Leucadia Bob came about randomly because I didn’t want my real name out there. No disrespect to Bob Naninga-it is what it is-I had no idea that was his MO until after the name stuck. As far as you haters are concerned, and your little agenda to determine what the definition of a local is, I’ve lived in the same house in Leucadia for more than 4 years and poured plenty of cash into that sewer of a bar that Carl runs. I moved to San Diego in 1990 and quite honestly could care less about your opinions of what defines a local. Actually check that : from what I’ve seen most of the “locals” I meet have no job and usually mooch something like a drink off of me because they can’t afford to live at the beach. And Mary Ann- I don’t even know you and there is no way you were at Dukes when I got “kicked out” because I never did get kicked out. I went in there during the Art Walk and Carl wouldn’t serve me. Apparently he had a personal reason for this. Seriously, don’t call me a kook. I have done plenty of free work and supported the community in my own way. In fact the very term “Kook” offends me when it is used as to say define “Not Local”. Carl is a little man. He is a bully. I am glad to see him leave. Now I can go back into my “LOCAL” bar and enjoy myself.

  10. Mary Ann on said:

    Wow…Okay…So you have your little nickname. Let’s drop the gloves and go. Fine, well we’re f’n locals then. Yes, you were technically kicked out by not being served. To go on a full on rampage to disparage a local business owner on the internet pretty much shows how you must have a small set of balls. Just saying. Appreciate your contribution to the community, but wow again…You find it necessary to try and put someone out of business by defaming??? Come on dude…If you don’t want to be named as a the Leucadian kook (not to take away from the Cardiff kook), then grow a pair. If you continue on your path of bullshit…then where are you going to go? Hope you are enjoying your weekend…the rest of us are…without your symphony of destruction against Carl…get a life, why do you find it necessary to target…Peace be with you…You obviously need some…And yeah, I do work really hard, make decent money, and nobody mooches off me…Perhaps you should find some new people to hang out with…sounds like you need it..Hope I don’t see you again in the new bar.

    • Leucadia Bob on said:

      Yeah-but no mention of who the F you are and why you have it in for me. If you ask around, you will see that there are many people out there that can’t stand that SOB. I used to defend him and say the same things that you are saying, but you know what, he power trips on people and doesn’t respect anyone and pisses all over his business. So screw him. A waste of my money supporting his racket. It’s a free country and I’m aloud the freedom of speech, same as you, and I wonder why you spend it all on calling me a Kook. Well you have the edge cause you know me and I don’t know you, so if YOU have any balls, why don’t you level the playing field and come out in the open. Then again, for all I know, you’re his lawyer trying to bait me…well either that or some stupid drunk fat chick that used to bone him. Bottom line is you have nothing to do with this so please do me a favor and STFU.

  11. Gloves off? I didn’t realize it was that personal. Use that word Kook all you want. Apparently that is your whole argument. Very sound. If I was just some Kook, I really don’t know why you would be wasting your time trying to shut me up. Apparently I must have a point here or you wouldn’t be bothering with me. Small set of balls? What about you hiding behind the name Mary Ann and taking stabs at me when I don’t even know who you are. First you say you were there when I got kicked out(for blacking out?), and that I’ve been here for only a couple of years. Looks like you have holes in your opinion so like I said, get your facts straight. Until you can tell me who you are I think your opinion blows balls and you’re just one of Carl’s cronies. There are many people in Leucadia that think the guy is a dirt bag and could give a crap about him. He has 86’d several people I know in the last few weeks and I’m starting to think it’s because they are friends with me. What a stupid way to run a business, kicking people out because you don’t like them. If he had any brains, he would have hired a manager. He would probably have 50 more regular customers, a liquor license that was intact, and MAYBE people would like him. Now go ahead and spend a couple of days formulating another way to call me a kook, and while you’re at it tell Carl I said to go F’ himself.

  12. guess I scared her off. Well in the meantime, checkout more of my supposed “hate spirited music, which incidentally was written because Carl kept kicking my friends out of his private club: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOSAGlzI7Bs

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